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Twitter Blue Tick will cost $11/month for iPhone Users

Twitter plans to raise the cost of its Twitter Blue tick membership service from $7.99 to $11 when purchased through its iPhone app and from $7 when purchased online.

The Information claims that the action was probably a reaction to Apple’s 30% share of any payments made by consumers through apps on the iOS operating system.

The report claimed that the lower price on the internet will probably persuade more users to sign up there rather than on their iPhones. There was no indication of whether prices for the Android OS would also alter.

Musk, who became the owner of Twitter in October, plans to roll out the verified service for people, businesses, and governments with various colored checks after a botched initial launch that resulted in a rise in users impersonating brands and celebrities.

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Twitter, Apple, and Google—which controls the Android operating system—did not immediately reply to requests for comment.

In a series of tweets this week, Musk listed a variety of grievances with Apple, including the 30% fee the iPhone manufacturer charges software developers for in-app sales.

In addition, he published a meme in which he threatened to “go to war” with Apple if the commission wasn’t paid.

Later, at Apple’s offices, Musk met Apple CEO Tim Cook. Musk later tweeted that the confusion over Twitter’s exclusion from the Apple app store had been resolved.

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