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11 Best Social Entrepreneurship Ideas

Trying to sort out a social problem? Social entrepreneurship ideas can be a great model for your next great business. If you have the entrepreneurial behavior, read out this article which talks about how you can address a social concern while making millions out of it.

How social entrepreneurship is different?

Before we look into some great social entrepreneurship ideas, let’s find out the difference between a traditional business and a social enterprise. The variance is in the motivating force of the business owner. A traditional business owner is only concerned with making money. On the contrary, a social enterprise owner has the sole motive to help solving a social need. If not making any profit, this enterprise should generate considerable income to sustain itself. These enterprises can be a good step for bringing out a social change in the country.

Social entrepreneurship ideas

It’s time to serve your country and its people. Running out of ideas? We have gathered a few good ideas to kick start. Without wasting a single minute let’s get straight into it.

Social supermarket

Social supermarket can be an awesome idea. Where people with low income streams can fill out their grocery baskets in a much lesser amount. It is a modern approach to a food bank. You can help people with their basic needs, while giving them a handsome choice and without compromising on their dignity.

As you know, living is becoming expensive day by day. And this basic need of grocery can’t be denied. You can do a great deed by offering affordable groceries to people who can’t bear high costs. The goods can be donated by general public. Or, can be acquired direct from companies who either sell you their surplus goods or goods that are no longer of merchantable or saleable quality due to any minor defect. It can be either wrong labelling or poor packing. These goods are thus available at much reduced rates. Helping people this way is really appreciable. And the best among all social entrepreneurship ideas in my opinion.

Clean water project ( the best pick from social entrepreneurship ideas)

There are areas where people don’t even have the availability of good quality drinking water. Drinking water scarcity is a major social concern which needs immediate solution. Water purification stations in such areas can help solve this issue in a decent way. Make healthy drinking water available to all. If we talk about its business model, it’s pretty simple and low on maintenance. Solar-powered purification stations are now available which makes adopting this idea super easy. Once you are done with the initial set up, you only need a small enough monthly revenue to keep it running. It can be either collected form the beneficiaries or by selling the water at a bare minimum rate. Help solving the water crisis.


Help people make their own independent living. A common person is faced with several challenges to get some small amount of money to start his own business. This keeps him from taking any good step to earn a good living. Microlending is the idea, which can help you bring economic stability in the country by letting general masses participate in the economic activity in any way. Give small loans to people who want to start any business. You can start this enterprise all on your own or invite other investors to be a part of this noble community. It is one of the best pick from among all the social entrepreneurship ideas.

Disabled needs coaching ( the best pick from social entrepreneurship ideas)

How about starting a disabled needs coaching business? Help special children make their lives more special. If you love to see children happy, this can indeed be a great idea. This business can bring peace to a lot of parents too. Starting this requires you to partner with coaches, who are interested to work voluntarily for your organization or for a very small amount. You can get some amount from the parents of the children. You can also get donations for keeping it operational. Also, arranging seminars can help you generate some revenue. Thus it can prove itself to be a self-supporting business and coaching entity.

Bookmobile business

Educate your community for a better future. Bookmobile business can be the right solution. This business can surely provide the underprivileged people of underserved communities with an opportunity to get books at discounted rates. People of circumferential areas usually don’t have an easy access to the book shops and thus they yen for books to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. You can start this business by letting people donate free books to you. You can charge a negligible amount from the buyers to manage the expenses.

Food waste solutions ( the best pick from social entrepreneurship ideas)

Launch out a business which addresses the hunger problem. Also, it helps avoid the wasting of food. Food waste solutions are the secret to both these problems. These businesses focuses on recycling the surplus or the waste food. It can be a business which collects the extra surplus food and sale it online to the customers to avoid wastage. Or it can be a business where the waste food is utilized to make compost, which is then used as a natural fertilizer. This idea is indeed among the low investment social entrepreneurship ideas.

Charity app

If you are a tech person, you can easily plan to launch a charity app. Here people can post their genuine concerns which after verification can become open to donations. It can be a super helpful program for the people. This application can house thousands of needy people and donators. This can be a modern way to help out the people with technology. The expenses will be one time to develop such an application and then the normal yearly renewal charges will be applicable. That are easy bearable and can be collected in the name of charity app too.

Sustainable packaging

We have to take care of our environment as well. Increasing plastic is becoming hazardous and switching to a better alternative is the need of hour. A social enterprise that deals in sustainable packaging is a must to save our country. This enterprise can deal in reusable grocery bags or sustainable food containers which will eliminate the need to use the plastic bags and containers. This business is simple and easy to start. Partner with the textile industries and recycle their waste to make reusable tote bags. In this way you can reduce waste and save environment too. Switch from plastic to paper and join the sustainable journey to make your country green.

Clean energy startup ( the best pick from social entrepreneurship ideas)

Taking to view the electricity shortage problems, you can start a clean energy startup too. The main aim should be to provide affordable, and sustainable energy infrastructure to people without the access to the electricity. You can get this project up with the help of a solar company. Solar panels, which will run the street lights as well the household lights, could be installed for the whole community. This enterprise can really bring light to the lives of a lot of people. Help people with their basic energy needs.

Vocational training institute

Making someone able to earn can be a great help. Vocational training institute can be a good turn to. You can offer different programs where you make people differently skilled. These people can then become a useful member for themselves, their families, and the whole community. Seeing the job scarcity these days, and people unsuccessfully running after different jobs, highlights the need for this kind of a social enterprise. To start this you can have two different approaches. Either you invest one time and hire experts to make a recorded course which can be online available to the people. Or you can opt for the physical classes. You can also invite the trainers to lend their voluntary services in this regard. It is the pick of the bunch from all the social entrepreneurship ideas.

Space utilization solutions

Homelessness is becoming a big problem too. You might have noticed houses which are quite large for the living family and the vacant space is of no use. You can start a new social enterprise where you help people by giving them a small space to live. To do this you need to either invite them voluntarily to let them utilize the free space. Or you pay some amount from your own to meet the purpose. Such social enterprises are few in number as of today. You can successfully go for this idea and help a number of people to enjoy a shelter.

How to choose one idea?

Let’s talk about how to go with any idea. First, you should identify the existing market gaps and try to come up with a better solution. This is the essence of the entrepreneurial behavior. Second, utilize your key strengths to serve good in any of the business. Your contribution matters a lot. So, whichever business model you choose, make sure you know about the operations and can contribute well to the organization. Social responsibility can be a unique selling point for all these social entrepreneurship ideas and the only way to get mainstream attention. So, this is the right time for you to get started with any of the above given ideas. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing some side income ideas, then must read passive income ideas.



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