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Economic crisis: Cellular companies increase their rates

Cellular companies increase rates: The cost of various call and data package packages has increased at Pakistani cellular companies like Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone.


According to Propakistani, Jazz has informed its clients of the price rise and has increased the weekly membership costs for the YouTube and social media packages from Rs115 to Rs120, while the cost of the WhatsApp plan has climbed from Rs21 to Rs23.


Due to rising inflation, Ufone has also raised its prices. UPower is now priced at Rs120, up from Rs100 previously. The price of SuperCard Plus increased from Rs649 to Rs699 on June 29, 2022. The price of Super Card Gold has also risen by more than Rs100, from Rs999 to Rs1,099.


The cost of Telenor packages has also gone up. EasyCard’s price increased from Rs 500 to Rs 550 on June 22, 2022; from Rs 650 to Rs 700 on June 29, 2022; and from Rs 80 for the monthly social pack plus to Rs 100.

In order to maintain service quality as inflation increases, telecom providers assert that a price increase is necessary.

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