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How to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism can play an important role in the socio-economic development of the country. Pakistan can be proud of its vast tourist potential, but it has, unhappily, remained illusive. Promote tourism in Pakistan and let the country benefit from it. Promoting tourism in Pakistan is much easier due to the reason that Pakistan exhibits varied cultures, civilizations, and customs, with lovely landscapes, heavenly vistas, and ancient landmarks.

The second-highest peak in the world, known as K2, is located in Pakistan. Pakistan has the warmest known locations in its south, in contrast to its north, which is one of the world’s coldest regions. There are four seasons in this lovely region. Pakistan is abundant in different kinds of natural resources. From mountains to valleys, beautiful green spaces to deserts, dense forests to water, it has all the biomes.

In addition, Pakistan is a home to numerous historical, religious, archaeological, and adventurous attractions that could draw numerous visitors from all over the world.

Providing a Sense of Security to the Tourists

Although the threat of terrorism in Pakistan has significantly decreased in the past few years and the most of its regions are now safe to visit, many foreign visitors still have some reservations about going there. Providing a sense of security to the tourists is now a must for growing the tourism industry in our country, because if tourists do not feel safe they will hesitate to visit the tourists destinations and this ultimately lead to a dip in our economic growth.

The lack of proper security measures can be a major barrier to the growth of the tourism industry. Even though situation has much improved in the recent times. Pakistan’s reputation still needs to get recognized on a global scale. Given the importance, we can see that India is making significant investments in both physical and digital security to draw the tourists.

Use of Social Media to Promote Soft Image of Pakistan:

Social media has an unrivalled impact in building a good standing for Pakistan in terms of tourism. These days, we can see people. Who are trying to promote Pakistan’s stunning and lovely locations on various social media platforms. And we can witness its positive impact too.

Today, different blogs and tourist organisations are seen to be active in spreading a favorable impression of Pakistan around the world. And in result promoting tourism in Pakistan. Individual efforts can also be seen from the side of vloggers. Who are trying to present before the world the true and beautiful side of our country.

In fact, the detrimental impact of Pakistan’s electronic media that we previously witnessed due to the corrupt organizations has been overwhelmed by the acclivity of social media. These efforts which at present times are mostly individual, can be government sponsored, which will undoubtedly bring a huge change.

Regulating Mushrooming of Hotels and Restaurants in Tourist Places:

To protect the rich biodiversity and to raise the service standards, the government must regulate the haphazard hotel and restaurant openings only in the popular tourist areas. To put it in simpler words. We see that the hotel and restaurant owners prefer to open their business only in those areas. Where they expect more population.

The government should intervene here. And try redirecting and spreading the influx of tourists from some of the more popular locations. In relation to this, the government must also then upgrade the infrastructure of any additional potential tourist destinations. Pakistan is a home to some of the remarkable topographies. It includes, gigantic mountains, gushing rivers, stunning deserts, and mesmerizing meadows. All it needs to do is to raise the quality of the hospitality industry to international standards. And tourists will throng its nooks and crannies.

Better Infrastructure to Promote tourism in Pakistan:

It is undeniable that the infrastructure of roads and connectivity is crucial for promoting tourism in any nation. Due to factors like financial limitations, corruption, and unavailability of necessary resources etc. Pakistan’s road and connectivity infrastructure status has remained seriously deteriorated. Connecting rural areas to the rest of the nation was not a priority for the administration. As a result, a number of popular tourist destinations remained completely out of reach.

Improvements to the infrastructure are necessary to facilitate tourism. If we see great nations of the past ten years. We see examples like Spain which invested millions of euros to upgrade their airports, railways, and highways. Pakistan also needs to work on better infrastructure.

By Increasing Resources We Can Promote Tourism in Pakistan:

The government should allocate more resources to regulate the tourism industry in Pakistan. No doubt efforts can be seen in this respect. The Punjab government in 2019 devised a tourism policy that focused on promoting more than 20 sectors. Under the Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project, the provincial government will allocate $50 million for harmonizing tourism in line with the international standards. These kind of initiatives are needed to promote tourism in Pakistan.

The government should make every effort to promote tourism in Pakistan. For instance, relaxing visa requirements for visitors, making travelling easier for them once they arrive, giving them proper security and directions while travelling, etc.


In conclusion, Pakistan’s tourist industry is rapidly recovering, which would not only enable the nation to increase its revenue. But also its soft power which is a means to success in world politics. With its unrivalled beauty and diversity in its people, history, and customs, Pakistan has a great chance to compete with the world’s top tourist attractions.

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