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Flour Prices reaches Sky High in Punjab

The price of flour in the capital of Punjab increased by Rs5 per kilogram to Rs140 due to increased wheat smuggling and subsidized flour bags to neighboring provinces.

Punjab’s flour shortage has been made worse by smuggling, which has driven up open-market prices to record levels. Sources claim that the subsidised flour sacks costing Rs 2,400 each were being smuggled into Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to Dunya News, prices for 10-kg and 20-kg flour sacks in Lahore have increased to Rs1,400 and Rs2,800, respectively, while Chakki flour has increased to Rs140 per kilogramme.

On the other hand, Jhang’s municipal government on Wednesday foiled an attempt to smuggle flour bags from a nearby flour business by seizing roughly 1,000 20 kg bags off a vehicle.

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Dealers in wheat claim that the open market cost of 40 kg of wheat has increased to Rs4,700. Additionally, the cost of a commercial unit of power from 6 pm to 10 pm has increased dramatically to between Rs70 and Rs80, which has a significant negative impact on the economics of grain trading.

In order to stop the continuing surge in wheat prices, the Lahore Atta Chakki Owners Association has asked the government to immediately forbid the inter-provincial movement of wheat and its products.



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