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10 Important Responsibilities of a Good Citizen of Pakistan

Today we are living in such a time, where our country is facing new challenges every other day. In such a scenario, every person should realize the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan. It will not only help us to overcome the difficult situation our country is passing through but will also give us an inner satisfaction. The satisfaction of fulfilling our duties towards our country. Let’s focus on the ten prime responsibilities which are just absolutely necessary.

Follow the law and fulfil the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan

We can’t fulfill the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan unless we surrender to the law of our country. Discussing the responsibilities is nearly impossible if we skip this point. For this reason we placed it at the very first place. Following the law is necessary for the order in our country and that’s what we collectively call law and order. Every country has defined certain rules to administer the different departments of it. Law is the basic framework on which the functioning of whole of the country is dependent. To avoid any situation of chaos we need to comply with the laws and be dutiful towards them.

Take into account the rights of our fellow citizens

We, the citizens of Pakistan, are a nation. To be like one, we need to give due regard to the rights of everyone. It is our responsibility to be mindful of the rights of other citizens. And then expect the same. A good citizen takes good care about his actions which do not harm the rights of any other. Let’s look into it with the aid of a simple common life example. One will not play loud music at night when he knows his fellow neighbor could be taking rest and his action can harm his right of enjoying his property. In law we call all these as easement rights. You can study the easement rights in more detail and know your duties towards your next door fellows.

Pay taxes on time and meet the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan

This act of paying taxes properly and on time shows how true you are to your country. Tax money plays a very pivotal role in the development and success of a country. Almost all the welfare works are done using this money. And the whole society benefits from it. As a true and loyal citizen, it is our responsibility to pay our taxes and play our part in helping the country to get a grip on any uncertain situations arising time to time.

Defend the country in any time of need

We should always be geared up to serve our country. As a good citizen, it is our responsibility to come forward to its rescue in times of necessity. In case of any emergency, when our country needs us, we should not step back. Rather this is the high time to prove our loyalty and repay a part of the gifts our country gave us. The gifts of freedom, privileges, and liberties.

Protect and save the resources of our country

The resources of a country are synonymous with the wealth of a person. Like a person is concerned about his monetary assets, he should also try to protect the assets of the country. We should try to save the resources to help our country in meeting the demands of the growing population. It is very necessary for the country to sustain. In short save water, electricity, and gas.

Promote the country in a positive way and be true to the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan

The digital world we are living in has a different dynamics. In this age, one way to serve our country and carrying out the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan, is to promote the goodness in our country. Let the world see the good and positive side of Pakistan. It will help our county in many different ways. One, the most apparent, is promoting tourism and in effect increasing the revenue of our country.

Take part in good and constructive works

As a good citizen, we should try to do our best in the beneficial works. They could be any ranging from educating a child to setting up a public water cooler. The good work can be of any magnitude. If every citizen will play his role in such works, it will benefit the country as a whole and improve its footings.

Do not forget the national values of the country

National values are very crucial as they are the legacy of a country. We as citizens, should not forget and set aside the national values. This brings about the unity of the country. Respecting the cultural traditions can be a part of the many responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan.

Keep the surrounding environment clean and honor the responsibilities of a good citizen of Pakistan

Cleanliness is more than important. The true lovers of this country will never ignore the preservation of the beauty of this country. Good citizens should leave no stone unturned to make this country a beautiful place to live.

Be nice to everyone and avoid any mischief

The last but not the least duty is to be good and nice to everyone. A good citizen will always behave like a decent person and avoid any mischief which can harm the peace of the country. Nothing is more important for a good citizen than the calmness of the surrounding.

Key Takeaways

To conclude we can say a good citizen is truly a gentleman. We have discussed a few most important responsibilities. In the end it is worth mentioning to say that good citizens not only try to adopt these duties but also teach others about the same. Hopefully you will take care of your responsibilities from now on.



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