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Help line number issued amid intense smog

Road and air travel have been hampered by dense fog in cities throughout Punjab, including Lahore, Faisalabad, and Sialkot. The weather was so cloudy that four international planes had to be diverted to Islamabad, according to Pakistan International Airways (PIA). Considering severity of the situation, a help line number has been issued amid smog related situations.

Four flights, including PK-248 from Dammam to Lahore, PK-224 from Dubai to Faisalabad, PK-716 from Madina to Lahore via Karachi, and PK-244 from Dammam to Sialkot, had to be diverted to Islamabad due to reduced visibility, according to a representative from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Pakistan International Airways (PIA). The representative added that visibility at Multan Airport was bad until two o’clock, while fog at Lahore’s Alama Iqbal Airport persisted until four o’clock.

The official urged customers to phone 114, 0800 00114, or 111 222 114 to double-check with their airlines for flight updates or to visit the website www.caapakistan.com.pk.

According to reports, Punjab’s railway networks are having trouble due to poor visibility caused by thick fog. Trains were moving at a low speed, according to a Pakistan Railways Administration spokesperson, in order to implement safety measures and avoid accidents.

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These safeguards cause trains to arrive at their destination six or seven hours later than scheduled. The Khyber Mail Express arrived at its destination five hours late, while the Karakoram Express was up to six hours late.



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