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Pakistan made $1,523 million by offering IT services to different nations

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan has made US$1,523.280 million by offering various information technology (IT) services to various nations during the first seven months of the current fiscal year 2022–23. (PBS).

Compared to the US$1,487.865 million earned during the same months of the fiscal year 2021–2022, this is an increase of 2.38 percent.

The export of computer services increased by 2.87 percent from July to January (2022–23), going from US$1,191.575 million to US$1,225.730 million.

Software consulting services exports increased by 5.57 percent to US$454.283 million, while hardware consulting services exports increased by 158.07 percent to US$1.357 million from US$3.502 million.

The export and import of services connected to computer software climbed by 11.89%, from US$312.484 million to US$349.635 million, while the export of repair and maintenance services increased to US$1.594 million from US$0.770 million, per APP.

The data showed that during the months under evaluation, the export of telecommunication services increased by 0.60 percent, going from US$293.180 million to US$294.950 million.

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According to PBS data, the export of call center services, which increased from US$118.669 million to US$121.398 million during the period under review, increased by 2.30 percent, while the export of other telecommunication services decreased by 0.55 percent, from US$174.511 million to US$173.552 million.

Additionally, there was a 6.70 percent decrease in the exports of other computer services, from US$446.655 million to US$416.716 million.

While this was happening, the export of information services fell by 16.40% during the course of the evaluation period, from US$3.110 million to US$2.600 million.



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