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WhatsApp users to use 2 accounts on 1 device

The messaging-sharing app WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that lets users switch between two accounts while on one device.

How to use

With this change, users will no longer have to worry about signing out every time they transition between several accounts.  After that, you won’t have to log out every time, carry two phones, or be concerned about sending messages from the wrong location. 

What’s the procedure for using two WhatsApp accounts on one device?

Step 1: Obtain a second phone number and SIM card, or use a phone that supports multi-SIM or eSIM.

Step 2: Open your WhatsApp settings and tap on the arrow next to your name, then select “Add Account.”

Step 3: The setup is complete, and you can now easily switch between the accounts.

It’s worth emphasizing that a distinct phone number and SIM card, or a device compatible with multi-SIM or eSIM, remain a requirement for configuring the second WhatsApp account.

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To begin, an initial one-time passcode will be transmitted via SMS to the secondary account, and this passcode can be accessed through the second device or SIM card.

What else?

Users have the ability to manage privacy and notification preferences for each of their accounts. It’s essential to heed WhatsApp’s caution about solely using the official WhatsApp application and to avoid downloading unofficial or counterfeit versions as a method to add multiple accounts to your device. Your messages are guaranteed to be secure and private only when you stick with the official WhatsApp platform.


Availability details can be referenced in this FAQ answer.



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