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iPhone 15 users are unhappy with this feature

Only a week after the release of Apple’s newest iPhone 15 series, attention has switched away from its features and towards a number of problems with the smartphone, most notably its built-in speaker. iPhone 15 users are unhappy due to this.

On Reddit, many owners of various iPhone 15 models have expressed their worries about the distorted and crackling audio that occurs when the volume is turned up to its highest level.

According to reports, when the level is at its highest, the earpiece speaker seems to be the most negatively affected.

A Reddit member reported their experience, claiming that the iPhone 15 Pro Max they had on launch day sounded similar to liquid when the volume was turned up past 80%.

As another user pointed out, the audio distortion affected specific videos or frequency bands.

A well-known TikToker had previously added their voice to the expanding list of consumers who were complaining about issues with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Even though the manufacturer provided two free replacements for his phone, the issue persisted with the new models.

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Users continue to experience the same issue even after upgrading their iPhones, raising questions about whether the problem is a hardware or software fault.

As of right now, Apple has not acknowledged the claimed speaker issues in any public way.



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