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How to Fix iPhone 12 Touch Screen Not Working

One of the most crucial parts of any mobile device is the touch screen, which enables interaction with the device and access to a variety of features and applications. This can be really worrying if you happen to possess an iPhone considering how much you paid for it. Today we’ll talk about how to fix a broken touch screen on an iPhone 12. However, there are a number of actions you can take to attempt to resolve the issue on your own. We’ll go over the many procedures you may take to fix a broken touch screen on an iPhone 12 in this article.

Step 1: Restart Your iPhone

Restarting the iPhone 12 is the first thing to do to mend a broken touch screen. Press and hold either of the volume buttons, together with the side button, until the power off slider displays. To switch off your iPhone, slide the slider. Then, hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears. Check to check whether the touch screen on your iPhone is operational again after it has restarted.

Step 2: Check for Software Updates

A software problem is yet another potential cause of a broken touch screen on an iPhone 12. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to check for software updates. Install any updates that are available by downloading them. The touch screen issue could be fixed by a software update that includes bug fixes and security patches.

Step 3: Clean Your Screen

If the touch screen on your iPhone 12 is not functioning properly, there may be dirt, dust, or other debris on the screen. Make use of a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your screen. Avoid using any liquids since the screen can be harmed by water or cleaning agents.

Step 4: Reset All Settings

You can attempt resetting all settings if the touch screen issue cannot be fixed by the aforementioned steps. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings to accomplish this. Remember that wiping all custom settings will revert the device to its factory default settings.

Step 5: Restore Your iPhone

You can attempt restoring your iPhone 12 if none of the above procedures have resolved the touch screen issue. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, then select the Restore option. Remember that restoring your iPhone will wipe all of your data, so create a backup before you start the restoration.

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Step 6: Contact Apple Support

It is advised to contact Apple Support for additional assistance if none of the aforementioned measures have been able to fix the touch screen issue. They will be able to identify the issue and offer you a fix.

In conclusion, a touch screen malfunction on an iPhone 12 can be irritating, but there are a few measures you can take to attempt and solve the issue yourself. If all else fails, get in touch with Apple Support for more help. You should be able to quickly fix your iPhone 12’s touch screen by using the instructions provided in this article.



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