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Musadik Malik claims Pakistan will not face fuel shortage for at least 20 days

Tuesday saw a large number of petrol outlets in Punjab’s cities close, which was inconvenient for commuters looking for fuel. Musadik Malik, the state minister for petroleum, denied rumors of a statewide fuel shortage.

Despite a recent rise of Rs 35 per litre in the cost of gasoline and diesel, consumers continue to have trouble due to a lack of supply.

This circumstance is reminiscent of one that occurred earlier this month, before the price increase. In response to the considerable depreciation of the rupee against the dollar on January 29, the government increased the cost of gasoline and fuel by 35 rupees per litre.

After the unofficial dollar cap was lifted, the local currency’s depreciation versus the dollar fell to record lows. Customers have reported having trouble getting fuel in cities including Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Shakargarh, Khushab, Mandi Bahauddin, and Gojra. Long lineups of cars have formed outside the petrol stations that are still open, and there are rumors that the owners are rationing the fuel by only giving customers a certain quantity.

The State Minister for Petroleum reportedly issued a warning against hoarding because the fuel supply is already unstable, according to Geo. Hoarders should be ready for the risk of having their licenses’ revoked, the minister said.

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He claimed that the nation had a 25-day supply of fuel and a 20-day supply of gasoline. He advised the general public to report any gas outlets that might be limiting supply for financial gain.

Malik highlighted that there is no gasoline scarcity in the nation and declared that the price of petroleum goods will not increase before February 15.



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