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Tomato prices skyrocket across Pakistan

According to the local newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt, in Badin, are currently priced at 400 rupees per kilogram, while in surrounding villages, prices have surged to as high as 450 rupees per kilogram.

Farmers in the district have planted tomato crops, with local tomatoes expected to hit the market in approximately two months. They anticipate that prices will decrease once these local tomatoes become available.

Meanwhile, in Quetta, the price of tomatoes has risen by an additional 50 rupees, reaching 250 rupees per kilogram. In Turbat, another city in Balochistan, tomatoes now exceed 400 rupees per kilogram, marking a 100-rupee increase. Similarly, in Jamshoro and Mirpurkhas cities of Sindh, tomatoes are also being sold for up to 400 rupees per kilogram.

On a different note, the President of the Mirpurkhas Vegetable Market Association mentioned that tomatoes are expected to arrive from Iran in the coming days, which could potentially bring down prices.

In Peshawar, tomato prices have surged by 80 rupees, jumping from 140 to 220 rupees per kilogram.



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