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Is Pakistan Introducing Digital Nikkah Registration System?

Social media has been abuzz with reports suggesting that Pakistan is set to overhaul its traditional nikkah registration system, replacing it with a new digital method involving tablet devices.

According to these reports, marriage registrars will create accounts on the tablets to facilitate the new process.

Under the proposed system, the marriage registration fee will be collected by the registrar, and the identity cards of the marriage witnesses will be scanned and authenticated using biometric verification.

Witnesses will only be accepted after their identity cards and thumbprints have been successfully verified.

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Furthermore, it is reported that the groom’s photograph will be taken by the officiating cleric during the registration process. The new system will be connected to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), allowing for the immediate arrest of any groom who is a fugitive, wanted in a case, or a tax evader.

However, Umar Saeed, the Deputy Director of NADRA, has denied the reports. He stated that he had no knowledge of such a system being implemented.

He explained that the operational details of the system would fall under the jurisdiction of provincial governments, while NADRA’s role would be limited to verifying identity cards and developing the necessary software.

“No provincial government has discussed this matter with NADRA yet,” Saeed clarified. “If such a system were in place, the provincial governments would have certainly consulted with NADRA. Therefore, we currently have no information regarding this issue.”



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