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Increased loadshedding in villages

A power shortfall of 6,000 megawatts has been recorded as a result of the ongoing electricity crisis, which is spreading a severe heatwave over the country. While only 22,500 megawatts are actually produced, there is a 28,500 megawatt demand for electricity. This has led to increased loadshedding in villages.

According to reports, cities are currently experiencing three- to five-hour long load shedding episodes. According to representatives from the power division, load shedding occurs in metropolitan areas for about two to four hours while outages in rural areas last for eight to ten hours.

These officials also stress that feeders where there have been theft reports and unpaid line losses are subject to longer load shedding periods.

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The breakdown of electricity production, according to power division officials, is as follows: 2,300 megawatts from wind, solar, and nuclear power plants, 6,900 megawatts from hydroelectric sources, 10,800 megawatts from commercial power plants, 1,500 megawatts from thermal sources.



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