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China will import Sea Food from Pakistan

In order to diversify the supply of local aquatic goods and increase the stability of the seafood sector and supply chains, China’s General Administration of Customs (GAC) has confirmed the resume of imports of aquatic products from Pakistan and a number of other nations. The GAC declared on May 26 that imports from 20 foreign businesses will be permitted in a statement.

According to the GAC statement, the 20 businesses that have resumed exporting to China are situated in a number of nations, including Pakistan, Brazil, Malaysia, Spain, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

This action follows China’s suspension of imports from eight foreign suppliers last year as a result of their failure to conform to safety and sanitary regulations as well as the COVID-19 control procedures established by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

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Despite telling the Global Times that this latest shift would not significantly affect China’s total supply, industry experts agreed that the growth in seafood imports was indicative of rising consumer demand in China.

According to Cui He, Director of the China Aquatic goods Processing and Marketing Alliance, the rise in imports was caused by China’s changing consumer habits and the demand of its consumers for high-quality aquatic goods provided by some international businesses.

China has been importing more fish, mostly from nations like Russia, Australia, and Argentina, according to Cui, who spoke to Geo. According to figures from the International Trade Centre, China’s seafood imports increased by 35% last year, totaling $19.13 billion.

The GAC reaffirmed its dedication to improving the oversight of imported food safety. While the restart of imports from Pakistan and other nations is anticipated to help diversify China’s supply of aquatic products, Chinese authorities continue to place a high premium on guaranteeing the safety and quality of imported foods.



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