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Increasing inflation: Flour Prices may reach to Rs200 per kilogram

Due to the nation’s rising inflation, the price of flour in Rawalpindi and Islamabad has increased to Rs170 per kilogram. Flour Prices may reach to Rs200 per kilogram.

Previously costing Rs150 per kilogram, “chakki atta” (also known as chakki flour) is now being offered for Rs170 per kilogram. According to the price list distributed by the Rawalpindi Islamabad Chakki Atta Association and displayed at chakkis, the new pricing is effective as of Sunday.

Unfortunately, no statements have been made by the twin cities’ governments. The price list has the signatures of both the association’s president, Nazakat Shah, and general secretary, Ali Raza.

Chakki owners in Rawalpindi believe that the organisation told them that the price of flour may increase to Rs200 per kilogramme in the near future, according to The News.

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According to an owner, he only received 10 bags of wheat, each weighing 50 kilogrammes, along with condolence letters from wholesalers about having to limit the supply and how difficult things would only get over time.

Similar to other commodities, the cost of rice has risen by Rs50 per kilogramme in less than a week. Price per kilogramme for the best rice ranges from Rs340 to Rs380.



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