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Iphone 14 Users face battery issues

It seems that some iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users are encountering a problem resembling the previous “batterygate” issue. Their devices are exhibiting a faster-than-anticipated decline in battery performance, even though they’ve owned the phones for less than a year.

For instance, a user named Sam Kohl mentioned on Twitter that his iPhone 14 Pro’s battery capacity had already decreased to 90% of its maximum within a short period, which is considerably quicker than his previous iPhone models. Other individuals are also sharing comparable experiences in the same thread.

Iphone 14 Users face battery issues

Kohl just created a video discussing this issue. It is difficult for him to endorse the phone, especially given that it costs $999.

Apple claims that after 500 complete charges, iPhone batteries should still hold about 80% of their initial capacity. According to rumors, the forthcoming iPhone 15 series will contain batteries that are 10–18% bigger than the ones in the current models.

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The Verge reports that other users are experiencing comparable battery problems. In a recent newsletter, tech reporter Joanna Stern noted that the battery life on her iPhone 14 Pro had decreased to 88%. Mixed results have been reported by the Verge community, with some iPhone 14 Pros operating at 93%, 91%, and 97% capacity. Prior to two years ago, the majority of phones did not see this kind of decline.

Additionally, beyond the initial year of warranty, the cost of replacing the battery for an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro is higher. Previously, it was $69, but now it costs $99. However, if you feel up to it, you might look for a third-party repair facility or try a DIY solution.

In the same update that gave customers control over performance throttling—a major factor in the batterygate scandal—a battery health monitor for iPhones was also included. This slowing, which Apple claimed was necessary to safeguard the phones from deteriorating batteries, prompted several legal lawsuits.



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