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Musk, Zuckerberg cage fight with will be streamed on X for charity

Elon Musk revealed that his and Mark Zuckerberg’s planned cage match will be live streamed on the social media site X (formerly known as Twitter), which will mark a novel turn in their long-running dispute. Since June, the two CEOs have been encouraging one another, raising interest in a mixed martial arts fight inside the ring.

Musk announced the most recent development on X early on Sunday morning, saying, “X will webcast the Musk vs. Zuck fight live. Without mentioning the precise day or location, the statement “All proceeds will benefit a veterans’ charity” is sufficient.

The CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX have been working hard to get ready for the competition, discussing on the platform their demanding training schedules. In reaction to

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta and a well-known jiu-jitsu practitioner, has, on the other hand, stated his desire for the fight. He asked Musk to “send location” for the intended throwdown in front of the public, and Musk immediately replied, “Vegas Octagon,” alluding to the renowned Las Vegas venue famous for holding MMA championship fights.

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Both the general public and the tech industry are interested in the rivalry between the two tech titans. The cage match has come to represent their competitive spirit because both CEOs are well known for their unique contributions to the world.

The charity component gives the event additional depth because the money raised will help veterans, a topic that is dear to many people’s hearts.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s supporters and fans are eagerly awaiting further information on the highly anticipated cage fight, which is expected to be an exciting and historic occasion in the world of tech rivalries.



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