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What is the release date of windows 12?

There have long been rumors that Microsoft is already gearing up to release Windows 12. As a result of a recent statement by Intel and recent information regarding Intel’s immediate hardware plans, this suspicion may be reinforced regarding windows 12 release date.

A “Windows Refresh” anticipated for 2024 was referenced by Intel Chief Financial Officer Dave Zinsner during a recent earnings call. Although he doesn’t address Windows 12 directly, his remarks are consistent with rumors about the forthcoming OS.

At the Citi 2023 Global Technology Conference, Zinsner stated that the company believes the update will help its client-side business have a successful year in 2019. An installed base refresh will be started by a “Windows catalyst” for an outdated system.

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If prior rumors are accurate, the CFO might be suggesting that Windows 12 will favor Intel’s next Meteor Lake chips, boosting strong shipments when it debuts. An ecosystem of AI-based tools and client-side hardware operating together might be heralded by the OS and CPUs. According to reports, both models provide major improvements over their predecessors.



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