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Users in Europe can now experience Meta-ad free

Users in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland can experience meta-ad-free, as now they will have the option to subscribe for an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram. They can pay €9.99 per month for web access or €12.99 per month on iOS and Android.

This subscription covers all Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to a single user until March 1, 2024. Beyond this date, additional linked accounts will require an extra fee for the ad-free experience: €6 per month on the web and €8 per month on iOS and Android. Users can still continue using the ad-supported experience on both platforms.

Meta’s core business has long been centered on offering free social networking services to users and selling ads to companies that want to reach that audience.

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Providing a paid tier illustrates how tech companies are having to redesign products to comply with data privacy rules and other government policies, particularly in Europe. Amazon, Apple, Google, TikTok, and others are also making changes to comply with new rules in the European Union, which is home to roughly 450 million people across 27 countries.



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