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Govt Installing National Firewall: What It Means for You?

The federal government is set to introduce a national firewall for monitoring social media content and restricting access to inappropriate material from spreading widely, reported The News. 

The new firewall will analyze data from various internet protocol addresses, pinpoint sources of propaganda, and either block or limit the visibility of such content.

According to The News, citing a well-placed official, the firewall has already been purchased and now it is being installed and commissioned. 

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The system will incorporate keyword filtering to detect and obscure undesirable content, preventing it from being accessible to users.

This filter will monitor social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and X.  Furthermore, measures are being taken to prevent the misuse of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). 

The national daily further reported that government plans to require citizens to register their VPN usage with the PTA, with non-compliance potentially leading to legal consequences.

Due to the prolonged government ban on X (formerly Twitter), many users resorted to VPNs to maintain access. The initial restrictions on VPNs caused significant concern within the corporate sector, which relies on these networks for secure internal communication. As a result, the government eased its stance on VPN restrictions temporarily.



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