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Some relief for needy in Ramadan: Punjab govt to provide free flour

The Prime Minister ordered the use of 8,500 utility stores and the creation of an additional 20,000 distribution terminals for the benefit of the general population in order to ensure the scheme’s successful execution. The announcement includes free flour for the needy by the Punjab govt.

Moreover, PM Shehbaz emphasised the need for the transparent and contemporary distribution of free flour to the underprivileged while also stressing the importance of the flour’s superior quality.

SMS can be used to validate programme eligibility, and the federal government will assist other provinces in this effort as well.

The Punjab administration gave a thorough overview of the programme during a meeting to assess the distribution of free flour as part of the Ramzan package, which was presided over by the Prime Minister himself.

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Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi, the interim chief minister of Punjab, Ahad Cheema, and other top officials who were pertinent were present at the meeting.

The poor are anticipated to receive much-needed respite from this move during the holy month of Ramadan. The distribution of free flour can be done effectively and openly by utilising current technology and extra distribution sites, ensuring that the benefits reach those who are most in need.



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