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Federal cabinet announces new Toshakhana policy 

With immediate effect, the federal cabinet has implemented a new Toshakhana (gift repository) policy that forbids any state officials from keeping gifts from foreign dignitaries that are $300 or more.

Toshakhana Process for the Acceptance and Destruction of Gifts, 2023, a new policy with the same date as the Toshakhana records (March 8), was made public.

All public servants, including the president, the prime minister, the members of the cabinet, the judges, and the civil and military officers, are prohibited from storing gifts worth millions of dollars. Among other assets, these items include vehicles, watches, jewelery, and cash.

Experts from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and a private company will determine the value of the gifts. Also, the POF and a private company will decide the worth of the objects in the case of weapons.

The Central Pool of Vehicles will receive all presents of automobiles, while all gifts of cash will be deposited into the national treasury, all gifts of gold and silver coins will be transferred to the State Bank of Pakistan.

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Additional gifted items are to be placed at significant government facilities.

It’s also important to note that the policy limits gift purchases by civil and military authorities to $300 or less in value.

Citizens will be allowed to purchase any gifts that are worth more than $300 but cannot be donated or shown through an open auction.



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