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Wheat price in Lahore reaches sky high

A 40kg bag of wheat now costs Rs5,100 in Lahore, which is much more expensive than the government’s set price of Rs3,900. The head of the group for flour mills claimed that the government’s rate was not being applied to the market, confirming the wheat price reaches sky high.

The cost of a 20kg bag of flour has increased from the government-set price of Rs2,316 to Rs2,750 as a result of the surge in wheat prices.

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The wheat millers have indicated that because they bought it from the open market at an expensive price, they are unable to offer it at cheaper prices.

The Punjab Food Department’s agents stopped an attempt to smuggle wheat and flour into Afghanistan last month. From Rawalpindi Motorway, more than 70 containers filled with wheat and flour were being smuggled into Afghanistan.

Officials from the district food authority seized 16 containers of flour and 46 containers that were carrying wheat during the check. Despite a ban on transporting wheat out of the province, the wheat and flour were coming from Punjab to Afghanistan. 16 people were detained in connection with the event, and the containers were shut.



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