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Lahori residents forced to pay higher prices for basic commodities

Residents of Lahore are forced to pay excessive costs for basic food goods since a handful of shopkeepers won’t mark down their products to the government-recommended price list.

Customers who complain about price gouging are advised to go somewhere else where the goods are sold for the correct cost.

Chicken is now being offered for between Rs340 and Rs360 per kg, a price reduction of Rs5 per kg. While it is typically sold for between Rs400 and Rs600 per kilogram, the price of chicken meat was reduced by Rs8 per kg to Rs339 per kg. This is a perfect example of the situation that Lahori residents forced to pay higher prices of basic commodities.

Cucumber farm prices were cut by Rs 35 and kept at Rs 35 to Rs 37 per kg, but they are currently being sold for more than twice that amount. At the moment, cucumbers cost between Rs70 and Rs80 in various parts of Lahore.

The local lemon price ranged from Rs180 to Rs185 per kg after an increase of Rs10 per kg. The cost per kilogram ranges from Rs220 to Rs240. Pumpkin is now priced between Rs65 and Rs68 per kilogram, a reduction of Rs85 per kg. Nevertheless, the price per kg ranges from Rs80 to Rs100.

Tomato is now selling for Rs120–Rs140 per kg, up from its original price of Rs75–Rs80 per kg.

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