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This YouTuber thinks Muslim shower is the ‘best thing ever’

A Muslim shower was an experience that YouTuber David Vujani, who is from Croatia and is in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, says is “the nicest thing ever” he has ever used.

Vujani expressed regret that the British restrooms lack similar showers on Twitter after praising the comfort of the Muslim showers he was using in Qatar.

“Lmao people were beefing over toilet paper during the pandemic when they could have just installed a bum shower,” he wrote.

“I want this image printed on a T-shirt… I am now the self-proclaimed founder of the Shatafa Ultras group, Bum Shower Fanatics, Let’s Go!” his another tweet added.

London is where Vujani, a diehard Liverpool FC supporter, currently resides.

Vujani started his first YouTube account on November 23, 2010. He uploads a range of videos, including vlogs on football and parodies of music videos.

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He formerly worked for the channel Copa90, which focuses on football. Additionally, he co-owns a YouTube channel called Poet & Vuj with his close friend and colleague Poet. On this channel, they publish a series called “Comments Under” in which they discuss football-related news and topics in front of an audience.



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