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Tips to stay healthy during Eid holidays

Happy Eid, everyone! Although eating well during this Eid is important, eating in excess might be bad for our health. This Eid, it’s crucial to pay attention to what you eat to prevent getting sick. Here are five guidelines you can use to celebrate Eid in good health.

Don’t overeat

Eid is all about feasting with your loved ones. While enjoying your favorite meat meals is perfectly OK, it’s still important to limit your consumption. When you eat a lot, your stomach may become irritated, and you can regret being sick for the entire Eid holiday. It can be a little frustrating to hold oneself back on a day like Eid-ul-Adha. After all, everyone is allowed to have days when they cheat. So instead of depriving yourself, treat yourself to a little bit of everything.

Vegetables can help

You shouldn’t limit your diet to simply proteins during Eid-ul-Adha if you want to be healthy. Prepare some veggies for stir-frying, grilling, or broiling with the meat. You will provide your body the fiber it requires by eating these healthy vegetables with the meat. Constipation and heartburn can both be avoided with fiber.

Avoid fried items

You could be tempted to eat fried delicacies while celebrating Eid. As if eating meat wasn’t heavy enough, adding fat to it during frying makes it considerably heavier. Your body finds it more challenging to process as a result. Devoid of fried foods.

Say no to soft drinks

Soft drinks are tempting, especially given how hot it is right now. Furthermore, because they are usually served at Eid festivities, we might not be aware of how much of the fattening soft drinks we actually consume. Try substituting water for soft beverages.


Do not forget to go for a walk after your meal. It’s crucial to properly digest your food. It takes longer than six hours to digest large meals. To keep your immune system strong and active, it would be beneficial if you regularly walked after each meal.

You may keep healthy on Eid by following these suggestions. Don’t forget to share your food, too!

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