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Mohenjo daro records summer high of 52°C

Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh experienced scorching temperatures exceeding 52 degrees Celsius (125.6 degrees Fahrenheit), marking the highest reading of the summer and nearing the country’s record high in the midst of an ongoing heatwave, according to the meteorological office on Monday.

A team of international scientists attributed the extreme temperatures across Asia over the past month to human-induced climate change. In Mohenjo Daro, renowned for its archaeological sites dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization of 2500 BC, temperatures soared to 52.2 C (126 F) within the last 24 hours, reported Shahid Abbas, a senior official of the Pakistan Meteorological Department, to Reuters.

According to Reuters, this reading stands as the peak of the summer thus far, approaching the town’s and the country’s respective record highs of 53.5 C (128.3 F) and 54 C (129.2 F). Mohenjo Daro, characterized by scorching summers, mild winters, and scant rainfall, typically hosts bustling markets featuring bakeries, tea stalls, repair shops, and produce vendors.

However, amid the ongoing heatwave, these shops are witnessing a drastic drop in foot traffic. Wajid Ali, 32, proprietor of a tea stall, lamented the lack of customers: “The extreme heat keeps customers away from the restaurant. I find myself idle amidst tables and chairs without any patrons.”

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Struggling to cope with the heat, Ali added, “I take multiple baths a day for some relief. Moreover, with power outages, the heat has made our situation very uncomfortable.”

Similarly affected is Abdul Khaliq, 30, who runs an electronic repair shop adjacent to Ali’s tea stall. Khaliq, sheltered from the sun with the shop’s shutter partially closed, echoed Ali’s sentiments about the adverse impact of the heat on business.

Local doctor Mushtaq Ahmed noted that residents have adapted to the extreme weather conditions, often preferring indoor activities or seeking solace near water bodies.



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