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Iesco cracks down on power theft and defaulters

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) is intensifying its crackdown on power pilferers and defaulters, with significant results being achieved.

According to the power utility company, a total of 13,535 power thieves have been penalized, resulting in fines amounting to Rs 609 million. Additionally, the company has successfully recovered Rs 3,080 million from 121,206 defaulters, both running and defunct.

Dr. Muhammad Amjad, the Chief Executive Officer of Iesco, highlighted the ongoing efforts against electricity theft and defaulters, emphasizing the substantial outcomes being observed. He mentioned that, in compliance with government directives, Iesco teams have identified over 13,000 instances of meter tampering and direct supply during various operations.

Dr. Amjad noted, “Fines exceeding Rs 609 million were imposed, and 1,396 electricity thieves were apprehended by the police.”

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Furthermore, he underscored the proactive role of the company’s recovery teams in pursuing defaulters. During the ongoing crackdown, they have managed to recover more than Rs 3.080 billion from a total of 121,206 defaulters.

Dr. Amjad expressed gratitude for the support received from institutions like the FIA Anti-Corruption Cell Police during operations against electricity theft and defaulters. He emphasized the dedication of Iesco officers and staff in contributing to this national effort.



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