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Journalist Mona Khan Banned from Entering Greece for 5 Years

The Greece government has decided to ban Pakistani journalist Mona Khan from entering their country for five years. 

According to local media, citing sources, the journalist has been told to leave Greece within 20 days. Furthermore, her name has also been added to the Schengen Information System.

The sources further claimed that Mona Khan has been banned from entering other Schengen countries as well. Moreover, they added that her name had been added to the National Security list 24 hours prior to her arrest. 

However, the reason for adding her name to the list hasn’t been disclosed by the authorities. According to diplomatic sources, a smear campaign has been launched in Greece against the journalist due to her “identity, achievements, and arrest.”

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Earlier, Khan was detained by the police in Greece for allegedly waving the Pakistani flag during a hiking trip. According to details, she had travelled to the foreign with her son. 

Later, she was released after the Pakistani government got involved in the matter. Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch stated that the Pakistani Embassy had hired a lawyer and ensured consular access to Mona. 

Furthermore, she was also visited by the officials from the Pakistani embassy in jail to provide support and facilitate her release. 



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