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Punjab Govt bans iftar parties

Recently, a directive was issued by Punjab’s Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD) that forbids government agencies from hosting Iftar gatherings.

The News reports that this action was taken due to the nation’s economic problems, and as a result, the administration has advised against sending extravagant presents to departmental delegations during Ramzan. However, the notification exempts foreign visitors and diplomats from these restrictions.

The announcement emphasizes the importance of keeping things simple throughout the holy month and the government’s commitment to doing so. Recognizing Pakistan’s current economic situation is crucial in order to prevent having pricey Iftar celebrations that can place a strain on the nation’s financial resources.

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All government agencies have therefore been urged to abide by these rules and refrain from purchasing expensive gifts for regional delegations. The administration recognizes the significance of observing Ramadan in a more straightforward and responsible manner that is in line with the economic situation of the nation.



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