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At Least 25 Dead, More Than 90 Injured In Peshawar Mosque Explosion

Peshawar: Monday’s explosion at a mosque within a police headquarters in Peshawar Pakistan left 90 people injured in addition to the 25 fatalities, according to hospital officials. The Peshawar Lady Reading Hospital has taken in the wounded. According to Mohammad Asim, the hospital’s spokesperson, more injured people are still being taken to the hospital, where some of them are in severe condition. It is still unclear if the bomb was placed inside the mosque or if it was a suicide assault.

Around 1.40 pm, after Zuhr prayers, the explosion happened. Security personnel and rescue crews have been sent to the area.

The region has been blocked off and declared to be in an emergency.

Police chief Muhammad Ijaz Khan told AFP that the incident happened during afternoon prayers in Peshawar near Afghanistan.

“A portion of the building had collapsed and several people are believed to be under it,” the police official said.

Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan as condemned the deadly attack in his recent tweet.

“Strongly condemn the terrorist suicide attack in police lines mosque Peshawar during prayers. My prayers & condolences go to victims families. It is imperative we improve our intelligence gathering & properly equip our police forces to combat the growing threat of terrorism.”, Imran Khan said.



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