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Traffic police targets underage drivers

Young drivers have recently been under heavy scrutiny from the city traffic police, who have taken stringent steps to address the problem. The traffic police took the initiative to inform the parents of more than 22,000 minors who were detected driving without official authorization on a particular holiday and apprehended over 5,000 underage drivers.

Mustansar Feroze, the chief traffic officer (CTO), talked on the subject and declared that all motorcycles and cars involved in such offences will be confiscated and stored at police stations beginning the following weekend. The CTO reportedly made a sincere appeal to parents, pleading with them not to give their young children access to motorcycles, autos, or rickshaws. He emphasised that it was now commonplace to see young children driving these vehicles carelessly through the streets during holidays.

Young drivers regularly cause accidents, CTO Mustansar Feroze stressed. Therefore, any minor found in possession of a car, motorcycle or rickshaw would have their vehicle impounded and kept in the neighbourhood police station. He urged parents to take the initiative in deterring teen drivers from taking part in such activities.

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The CTO further indicated that in the event of incidents involving young drivers, parents will be held accountable. He reiterated emphatically that no child driver should ever be seen behind the wheel of any type of vehicle, including a car, motorcycle, or rickshaw. The City Traffic Police are committed to maintaining everyone’s safety on the roads and will keep working to address this pressing problem.



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