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Govt ready to negotiate with TTP

Rana Sanaullah, the interior minister, stated on Wednesday that if the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a banned militant organization, doesn’t contest the state’s authority, the government may resume talks with them.

Just one day earlier, the government would not have negotiations with militant groups, including the TTP or any other terrorist organisation, according to the security czar.

Sanaullah remarked during a press conference in Islamabad that the state’s attempts to combat terrorism could not be made public because doing so would jeopardise their success.

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He added that the nation should be confident that great efforts were being made to combat terrorism.

He said that the TTP has killed numerous innocent people and recently increased the ante by launching numerous attacks and doing so after breaking a ceasefire with Islamabad.

The Afghan Taliban served as a mediator during negotiations between the government and the local terrorist group. However, the negotiations ran into trouble because no firm action could be taken following the negotiations.

The federal minister also said that, in the previous year, 67% of attacks occurred in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 31% in Balochistan, and 1% each in Sindh and Punjab.



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