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PTI rejects Dar’s criticism on white paper

Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister, was harshly criticised by Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) General Secretary Central Punjab Hammad Azhar for allegedly providing false numbers in an unsuccessful effort to deceive the country.

Ishaq Dar had criticised the PTI’s white paper, that depicted a dire image of the nation’s economy. Dar made his remarks during a news conference on Wednesday.

The former finance minister Azhar responded to Dar’s news conference by saying that the “so-called economic czar of the coalition government of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has yet to break out of his single skill which is figure fudging.”

He claimed that despite the country’s economy being on the verge of collapse, “figure fudging maestro Ishaq Dar” had attempted to deceive the nation and the rest of the world once more by staging a comeback to manipulate the data like he had done in the past.

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He further said, “the whole world knows that the PDM has brought the country to the brink of complete economic collapse, which is reflective in the closure of industry and skyrocketing inflation.”

“I would like to ask Dar just to reflect upon the closure of the industry, the record inflation in the country and so on and so forth if the economy under his leadership is on the right track. And, why the international organizations are downplaying our economic condition if all is well,” he added.



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