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Countries come together to support Ukraine

On Tuesday, dozens of nations and international organizations showed their support behind a renewed and urgent effort to keep Ukraine powered, fed, warm, and moving this winter in defiance of persistent Russian aerial bombardments that have left millions in the dark and in the cold by destroying vital infrastructure.

The besieged civilian population of Ukraine immediately received financial and in-kind support commitments at an international donor meeting in Paris to help them get through the bitterly cold and lengthy winter. The countries coming together to support Ukraine in the current crisis is an act being welcomed.

International commitments of long-term support for Ukraine as well as vehement denunciations of the Kremlin’s savagery of civilian targets were made with donor assurances of emergency assistance for the immediate reconstruction of Ukraine’s bombed-out power grid and other infrastructure.

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In his remarks to kick off the conference, French President Emmanuel Macron called Moscow’s bombardments of civilian targets “war crimes.” According to him, the Kremlin is assaulting civilian infrastructure as a result of its soldiers’ struggles on the front lines.



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