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Government Considering Selling US Embassy Building

The proposal to auction off one of the two Pakistan Embassy buildings in Washington, US, has been approved by the federal cabinet, according to Marriyum Aurangzeb, the federal minister for information and broadcasting.

She announced this during a press conference and said that the renovation of those two buildings had received approval from the then-PM, Yousuf Raza Gillani, in 2010.

The details indicated that one of the buildings had undergone complete renovation, but the restoration of the second building had only reached a 60% completion rate. Additionally, the building’s diplomatic status had been removed by the US government, the information minister continued.

She also asserted that the building, which is not being used at the moment, has had thousands of dollars in taxes paid for it by the government. As a result, the cabinet transparently approved the decision to auction off the partially renovated building.

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She also mentioned that the building’s last bid was $4.5 million, but that the current offer of $6.9 million is substantially higher than the prior one.

The coalition administration, the information minister continued, is wholly committed to resolving citizens’ complaints, and they are solely focused on helping flood victims and repairing flood-affected areas around the nation.



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