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Huge increase in prices of chicken and eggs expected

Poultry producers and retailers are concerned that the supply of chicken and eggs may run out in a month due to the widespread lack of poultry feed, which is expected to eventually result in increase of chicken and eggs prices.

Chaudhry Ashraf, the central chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association, former chairman Ghulam Khaliq, Sindh-Balochistan zone chairman Saleem Baloch, and others expressed their grave concerns about the non-clearance of soybean shipments that had been stopped at Karachi Port at an urgent press conference held at the Karachi Press Club.

Soybean and canola appear to be the two main ingredients in chicken feed, according to poultry owners, according to Express Tribune. At the moment, the port is home to more than 6 lakh tonnes of soybeans that have not yet received import authorization.

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Additionally, poultry owners have paid importers more than $44 million in connection with the purchase of soybeans. The ministry of food security and other ministries should immediately settle their dispute with soybean importers and issue directives for the clearance of soybeans at the port in order to resume the feed supply to the country’s poultry industry.

Currently, Pakistan’s 3.8 million hens produce 3.5 million eggs every day for poultry owners. The supply of chicken and eggs could run out within a month if the issue with the feed supply for the poultry business is not soon resolved.

Currently, more than 50% of the poultry industry is shut down. The likelihood of food poverty in the nation will increase if this industry is completely shut down, which would mean the loss of approximately 2.5 million employment.



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