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Here is how much tax you need to pay on iPhone’s in Pakistan

Are you looking to buy new iPhone in Pakistan or your friend is brining you a brand new iPhone from abroad? Either way you need to pay heavy taxes on your favorite iPhone model.

PTA Tax has once again been increased for retailers that wish to import big quantities of smartphones.

Additionally, some who are interested and who like iPhones are opposing the new PTA tax and viewing it as a burden to buy smartphones. PTA fees for high-end phones like the iPhone are absurdly high. The majority of business people and top executives always choose to keep an iPhone for personal use. They are dissatisfied with the choice because of the significant PTA tax.

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Have a look at the list of iPhone models and the taxes you have to pay on them.

If you have a passport with a recent travel in last 60 days then you have to pay less tax as compared to someone who does not have one.

ModelsOn PassportOn CNIC
iPhone 14 Pro/Max115,751139,976
iPhone 14/ Plus107,706131,126
iPhone 13 series108,979132,527
iPhone 12 Pro/max109,248132,823
iPhone 1296,502118,802
iPhone 12 mini93,989116,038
iPhone 11 Pro Max101,080123,838
iPhone 11 Pro100,302122,982
iPhone 1179,16799,734
iPhone XS MAX124,562101,738
iPhone XS99,375121,963
iPhone XR75,48795,686
iPhone X93,271115,248
iPhone 8 series98,977110,311
iPhone 7 series95,32498,088
iPhone SE 202250,44060,990
iPhone SE 202053,91064,900
iPhone 6S series17,28020,031
iPhone 6 series35,52940,000
iPhone 5 series6,4007,843
Tax on iPhone in Pakistan – Detailed Summary


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