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Arshad Sharif was tortured before getting murdered: Journalist

Kamran Shahid disclosed on his programme that Arshad Sharif endured more than three hours of severe torture. Arshad Sharif had had his nails taken out, his fingers and ribs fractured, and his body had been shot at close range, including with a shot to the skull, according to the postmortem report that Shahid described.

He added that the shooting range Sharif had visited prior to his death included ten American instructors and trainers.

The shooting range road, which Khurram typically took, was also discovered to have been lengthier that night because of the Magadi Highway.

It was also discovered that Khurram generally took the shooting range road, but that evening he chose the lengthier Magadi Highway route instead.

He later deleted the videos.

“Deleted video of my show that shows the pics of the hands of late Arshad Shareef in the respect of the family — intention is only to pressurise this Govt to tell the truth about his brutal murder— issue the post mortem report and find the killers!”

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