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FBR officer seeks permission to commit corruption

According to reports, a Grade 17 Inland Revenue Service (IRS) employee from Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) wrote a letter to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif asking for authorization to begin engaging in corrupt practices on April 1.

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The officer asserts that his low pay and the nation’s high inflation rate have made it impossible for him to pay his bills. The officer claims in the letter that despite receiving cash from under the table on multiple times throughout the course of his four years with the FBR, he has never been involved in any corruption.

But now that he has no other choice but to turn to illegal methods of support, he asks the Prime Minister for authorization to participate in corruption. The officer also contributed his income of Rs122,922 and his general costs of Rs110,500, excluding his modest household expenses as a spouse and father.

As he is not a habitually corrupt person, but has been compelled by the circumstances and as a result of the indifference from his own Prime Minister, he undertakes not to cause significant losses to the national exchequer and to take the absolute minimum.

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