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Imran Khan says the long march will continue

Despite the government’s decision earlier today to call off the long march towards Islamabad, PTI Chairman Imran Khan vows to continue with the party’s ‘Azadi March.’ Khan claims he will lead Pakistan’s largest procession in history tomorrow.

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He was speaking in Peshawar, at a press conference. The PTI chairman’s statement comes following a nationwide police crackdown on PTI members and leaders.

The PTI chairman has yet to respond to accusations that his party was responsible for the killing of a constable during a raid.

Instead, he concentrated his criticism on the PML-N administration, claiming that the Sharif family has been using military dictator techniques since 1985.

“They remember democracy as soon as they leave power,” he stated, when asked how many times these parties demonstrated against the government during the PTI’s 3.5-year rule.



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