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Person Account vs Business Account Considerations with Salesforce Experience Cloud Licenses

Person Account vs Business Account

Business Account:

Business Accounts are standard salesforce Accounts, these are like containers that store essential details about the companies or organizations. And, their employees/representatives live in SF as related contacts. Business Accounts fits best for the B2B industry.

Person Account:

Person Accounts are a very viable solution for B2C businesses. And this is true because their structure is primarily designed to keep essential information about the individuals. They allow you to record information about potential and established customers, by combining certain accounts’ and contacts’ field level information into one record, eliminating the need of unnecessarily maintaining two separate account/contact records.

Considerations & Limitations:

  • Person accounts are only associable with Customer Community and Customer Community Plus licenses site users. Business accounts, in contrast, can work with all licenses. But for a Partner Community license, only those enabled as a partner account can be associated.
  • A Salesforce user can be the owner of up to 50,000 Person or Business account portal users. This limit includes users with Customer Community Plus and Customer Portal licenses.
    For instance, an org hits the limit mentioned above, that is having 50k person account portal users with a single account owner. Every attempt to create a new portal user with an account will give an error stating, ‘Your organization has most likely exceeded a limit. Registration from XYZ Portal is not able to create portal users’.
    Unfortunately, Salesforce didn’t mention the limitation details extensively here. Please refer to the following Salesforce article for more information.

Alishba Asif
Alishba Asif
I am a 3x certified Salesforce Technical Consultant with more than 2 years of professional working experience in the Salesforce CRM(Service Cloud, Experience Cloud).


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