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Lightning Flows: Salesforce Spring22 Release Lightning Flows Highlights

Salesforce Spring22 release exhibits the magnitude of time and resources invested in the Lightning Flows. It is evident from some of the interesting features as the list follows:

Flow Trigger Explorer

Flow Trigger Explorer is a new tool now available in Spring22 release.

It provides a more visual and interactive way to the audience. The audience can view all of the flows associated with a specified object. The flows that run in the situations listed below can be viewed with this tool.

When a record is,

  • created
  • updated
  • deleted

Ability to Define Running Order for Record-Triggered Flows on an Object

Yes!! You heard it right! For apex triggers and process builder the best practice sounds ‘One trigger/process per object’, but it cascaded to flows with Spring22 release. You can explicitly define the order of execution for the flows with this new release. 

Flow Builder – Record Trigger Flow Canvas

Filter Items into a Collection in Flow

Now you can skip the unwanted data from your collections in Flow by using the “Collection Filter” element to select a collection and define conditions. When the flow runs, the element outputs a collection with only the items that meet those conditions, leaving your original collection intact. Previously the only option was to loop through the entire collection and use conditions inside the loop.

Flow Builder – Collection Filter Canvas

White Background for URL-Launched Screen Flows

When a screen flow is launched via a URL-based method, the screen background is now white to meet the contrast requirements of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Previously, the background was gray. Also, this change doesn’t apply when you’re debugging flows via the builder.

Convert Workflow Rules to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool (Beta)

We know it’s a lot to process, but it’s time to begin the transition to using Flow Builder, the future of low-code automation. Use the Migrate to Flow tool to convert your workflow rules into flows available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Workflow Rules to Lightning Flows – Migration Tool

Place More Fields Directly on Flow Screens (Beta)

You can now use record fields to directly add phone, email, and picklist fields to your flow screens. For dependent picklist fields, both the controlling field and the dependent field must be on the same screen.

Alishba Asif
Alishba Asif
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