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T20 World Cup: Here’s How Much Pakistani Players Will Earn 

Despite an early exit in the first round of the T20 World Cup, the Pakistan cricket team is set for substantial financial rewards. Each player will receive Rs. 1,674,336 as match fees and an additional daily allowance exceeding Rs. 550,000.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will distribute $247,500 (approximately Rs. 70 million) to the team for their participation in the T20 World Cup. This amount will be shared among the 15 players and the management, resulting in over Rs. 4.3 million per person. 

For winning two matches, the team will receive an additional $62,308 (around Rs. 17.5 million), translating to about Rs. 1.1 million per player. In total, each player will earn more than Rs. 7.6 million, not including earnings from sponsor logos.

This financial boost follows successful negotiations for better terms in their central contracts last year. They secured a 3% share of the ICC earnings for 2023-24, adding Rs. 1.53 million to their monthly earnings. 

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Match fees also saw significant increases: Rs. 1,257,795 for a Test match, Rs. 644,620 for an ODI, and Rs. 418,584 for a T20 match.

Players in Category A now receive Rs. 4.5 million monthly, a 202% increase. Combined with the ICC share, their monthly earnings total Rs. 6.03 million. Category B players earn Rs. 3 million per month plus an ICC share, totaling Rs. 4.147 million monthly.

Category C players earn Rs. 1 million monthly, with an ICC share bringing their total to Rs. 1.765 million. Category D players earn Rs. 750,000 monthly, plus an ICC share, totaling Rs. 1.132 million per month.



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