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Private Schools Ordered to Provide Free Education to 10% of Students

The Punjab government has unveiled plans to implement new regulations mandating private schools to offer free education to 10% of their students. 

According to the school education department, a comprehensive survey of private schools will be conducted to facilitate this initiative, enabling underprivileged and deserving children to access free education in these institutions.

The survey, which aims to document the number of students currently enrolled in private schools, is expected to be completed by August 31, following the summer vacation. 

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This effort will be supported by reinforcing the Private Schools Ordinance 2014 through the school education department.

Private school administrators have responded by stating that they already provide education to deserving students within their institutions. However, the new rules will formalize and potentially expand this practice, ensuring that a significant portion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds can benefit from quality education at private schools in Punjab.



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