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PDMA forecasts heavy rainfall in May

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued a forecast indicating a forthcoming spell of rainfall for this month. According to a spokesperson, moderate rainfall is anticipated in northern Punjab, with lighter showers expected in other regions.

In light of this forecast, the PDMA has urged farmers in the Potohar region to take necessary precautions to protect their wheat crops. Additionally, they have warned of potential dust and hailstorms due to the approaching westerly system, which could endanger crops and structures. Moreover, the authority has highlighted the risk of landslides in mountainous areas as another concern.

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With temperatures expected to increase in May, particularly in the southern plain regions, the PDMA is anticipating the likelihood of heatwaves. The Director-General of PDMA has emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant during this period and has called on administrations to take necessary precautions.

According to the Meteorological Office’s seasonal outlook, from May to July, near-normal rainfall is expected in most regions of the country. However, there is a forecast of slightly above-normal rainfall in the northeastern catchments of Punjab, southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and certain areas of southern Sindh during this period in 2024.



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