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FIA arrests Lahore couple involved in visa scam

On Monday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Anti-Human Trafficking Circle in Lahore announced the arrest of two individuals, one of whom is a woman, on charges related to trafficking and visa fraud, as reported by ARY News.

According to an FIA spokesperson, the arrested individuals, Usman Ahmed and his wife, were apprehended from different locations in Lahore. They are suspected of being involved in a visa scam and facilitating fraudulent visas for individuals seeking to travel abroad.

The accused allegedly received significant sums of money from a complainant, promising to arrange a student visa for their son to Canada, amounting to millions of rupees.

Additionally, it is claimed that Usman Ahmed fled after receiving Rs 1.1 million from the complainant, as verified by an FIA spokesperson.

In another incident, Usman’s wife allegedly received Rs 500,000 from the victim, promising to arrange a visa for travel to Saudi Arabia.

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However, investigations indicate that the accused individuals did not fulfill their promises and subsequently evaded authorities.

In response to these events, the FIA spokesperson declared the apprehension of the suspects and the commencement of a thorough investigation into the case.



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