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Peshawar attack: KP IG says the suicide bomber was in Police Uniform

Moazzam Jah Ansari, the head of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) police force, declared on Thursday that the investigation into the terrorist organization responsible for the Peshawar Police Lines mosque suicide attack was “closing in.” It appears, the suicide bomber was in police uniform, he stated.

He claimed during a press conference that authorities had discovered a ball bearing from the explosion site in a suicide vest hidden beneath the mosque’s debris.

We tracked down the suicide bomber in this case. According to him, the bomber was wearing a police uniform. “The CCTV footage showed his journey from Khyber Road to the Police Lines and how he parked his motorcycle on a side,” he claimed.

The most recent in a series of assaults against police, a suicide bomber detonated himself on Monday inside a crowded mosque close to the Police Lines in Peshawar, in a well guarded security compound.

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Ansari claimed that the attacker came in by the main gate, approached a constable, and inquired about the location of the mosque.

“This means that the attacker was not aware of the area..he was given a target and there is an entire network behind him … he was not a lone ranger.”

Ijaz Khan, the head of the Peshawar Police, claimed on Wednesday that significant arrests have been made, that investigators are looking into how the suicide bomber got into the heavily guarded police sector, and that they cannot rule out inside support for the attack.



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